Learn TCM online

I was taking a look at the website of the China Beijing International Acupuncture Centre, and I noticed a headline in the news section about “Distance Education”.

I read the news item, and it linked to a site of online education, where you can get educated in TCM via the internet. Some of the material is even free of charge…

So, since both Ed and Carlos have expressed an interest, here’s the link


    1. Yes, there seems to be a problem with their embedding – but if you right-click on where the clip should be, and select “copy Flash location”, you can access the video directly without problem.

      As for the price, if you know any cheaper alternatives, I’ll be glad to hear about them 🙂


  1. That’s cool…
    But I am reminded of the Wing Chun master who intentionally published a slightly messed up version of his forms, so that everyone would know “who learned Wing Chun from a book”. 😮


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