The China Price

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to learn that double-shashka Cossack swordplay…. if only because it’s so cool 🙂 The Yang-style taiji sabre I bought is great for its purpose (for which I am using it) but, as it turns out, Tom was right, and it doesn’t handle too well as a substitute shashka. Of course, I could get a couple of short poles and just use those, but that wouldn’t be the same, would it?

So – again, as mentioned before – I’ve been seeing if shashkas can be bought online… There are two options, essentially: a “battle-ready” version from Windlass of India (for some reason, they call it a “shasqua”), that can take an edge:

Alternatively, there’s a display version from Denix of Spain, which supposedly handles like a real weapon, but can’t be sharpened.

The Windlass shashka can be bought from for a good price, but to be honest it doesn’t get good reviews, either for quality or for handling. I looked into buying the Denix version from, but even though their price is really good, the shipping costs bring into not-worth-it territory for me.

Eventually I had my “D’oh” moment. I’m in China, after all, where pretty much everything and anything is made and available. So, let’s see what’s on the market here…

A few moments later, I’d found this on Taobao:

Let’s face it, for less than 30 pounds / 43 US dollars / 60 Singapore dollars, it’s a steal….

I’ll let you know how they handle when they arrive….


  1. “I’m in China, after all, where pretty much everything and anything is made and available.”

    Like I said when you first went to China WE 😉 could be Ebay millionaires by now! Money doesn’t have to be complicated and for those that succeed it’s normally not.
    Wing Chun 9 foot poles are so in demand for example – remember the gps phone hmmm. Ha ha ha too busy slaving away in the rat race. Always it seem like no way out, too much effort. You have the skills defo!! niche markets.

    I am still available for partnerships 😉


  2. Hi:

    Nice looking sword. I was wondering where you got your Taiji saber. I’m looking for a practice dao (doesn’t need and edge and aluminum is ok) for a good price.


    1. Hi Peter,

      I got mine from a wushu supply shop near the west gate of the Physical Education University here in Beijing. The list price is 280RMB, but they know me so I got it for 220.

      If you’re not in China, have a steel Yang-style dao, plus lots of other aluminium sabres if that’s too expensive. I haven’t dealt with them personally, but they seem to have a good reputation….

      Hope that helps!


  3. Hi Emlyn,

    Thanks for the response. I took a peek at the kult website, some nice stuff there. I didn’t see the aluminum practice daos, but I haven’t looked around that much.

    Thanks again, keep on your training.


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