Dresden 1945, redux in the US?

If you thought I was being unnecessarily bearish about the immediate future, well….

I need to pinch myself; what I’m hearing beggars belief. Here’s the latest: officials from the US states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are briefing their disaster-response peers in other stats on plans for mass evacuation of the population of the Gulf states. Holy refugee disaster, Batman!

Why would they need to do this? Well, apart from the almost certainty that huge numbers of the population may be stricken down with Gulf War Syndrome, there’s the non-trivial possibility of hurricanes drenching cities in flammable hydrocarbons, which would lead to Dresden-style firestorms…..

As they say, if you put this in a novel, no-one would believe it…. But then, I never believed that a disaster in a major American city would basically be ignored…. until I watched the reports from New Orleans post-Katrina….

All that, plus a double-dip global recession looking almost certain…. Better be thinking about how to prepare…

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