Recent reading

  • Striking Thoughts has a good review of Jingwu: The School That Transformed Kung Fu. Jing Wu, or Chin Woo as I know them, were my training neighbours in Duxton Plain Park, and I got to know a number of them. Lots of very nice people there. This looks to be an interesting book; I’d like to pick up a copy some time.
  • Mike Garofalo over at Cloud Hands discusses something very interesting: what were Yang Lu Chan’s Training Methods while he worked for the Imperial Guards? That’s something I would definitely like to know more about. I tried searching Chinese-language websites using Google auto-translate, but didn’t get very far. Maybe some of my Chinese-speaking readers could give some pointers?
  • Rick at Cook Ding’s Kitchen links to a really interesting National Geographic article on the ancient tea trade route between China and Tibet, with Tibetan horses being sold in exchange for Chinese tea. The tea was carried over breathtaking mountain passes on the back of coolies…
  • Dojo Rat discusses a Robert W. Smith quote about The Chatter In The Modern Urban Mind. Makes me think once more how much I miss my Welsh mountaintops…
  • I’m not sure why Scott Phillips has been ‘vacationing at home‘ recently, but his comment about ‘Whatever it is that holds “me” together is unraveling’ certainly strikes a chord.
  • And given the last two, and some of my more recent posts, I read John Michael Greer’s latest dispatch from The Archdruid Report, “Merlin’s Time“, with a lot of interest. There’s a lot to think about there.
  • Let me also add there, an article on the Energy Bulleting: Creating a post-peak future you will want to live into, and A quiet crisis whispers of impending poverty on The Automatic Earth, which actually ends on a an uplifting note (way down below the quoted news articles, just above the comments).

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