Not goodbye

Well, I’ve already told Yao Lao Shi and all the other people who needed to know…. I think it’s certain enough to announce… I’m outta here.

While I was back in Wales, I interviewed for a job, was offered it, and accepted. The background to all this, I’m afraid, falls into that category of “off-topic for this blog”; obviously, I have a life beyond what I blog about here, and sometimes that has to take precedence.

The details are all uncertain just now but I expect to leave Beijing in September. I’ll have to visit Singapore before I go, and hope to catch up with some of you then. With any luck, time and funds allowing, I’ll go back on the Trans-Sib, though I doubt I will have time to visit the Ryabko school.

I’ll be based in Swansea…. which I suspect means that I’ll try to sign up for bagua and taiji with the Montaigue clan…. Plus there’s a systema school there…. It’ll be fairly easy to get to London, as well.

Don’t know what this means for the blog. I will certainly keep posting until I leave Asia; once I get to Wales, well, I’ll have to see. It’s a funny old life….


    1. Well, I know that opinions are sharply divided; I have no opinion either way yet, but I don’t know of any other bagua teachers in Swansea…. Anyway, if I keep up the blogging at least you’ll be getting direct reports about the training…


      1. Hmmm…. A search on Google turns up mention of bagua being taught by Mike Kaniewski… Apparently he’s a student of Alex Kozma, in which case he’s likely to be very good – based on my experience of training with Alex!


  1. Alex seems to have gotten thorough training in both Chengshi baguazhang and the Gong Baotian line from Yin Fu (through He Jinhan).

    What about Llap Goch? ;- )


  2. Hey Emlyn if you do take up Systema, the place where I train in London does seminars every now and again, so maybe you want to check out the Website: They’ve also got a Facebook page (Systema Information Group (UK)) if you’re into Facebook. I hope you do keep this blog going, it has been a great source of inspiration, information and ideas for me. In fact this was how I heard about Systema! Best of luck for the future.


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