Getting started again

Well, now that I’m in my own place, it’s time to start putting a routine together.

So far, I’ve started with meditation; half an hour, morning and evening. I’m alternating between sitting, and standing in zhan zhuang. I time it by playing some on S. N. Goenka’s chanting which, if you’ve ever taken one of his vipassana retreats you’ll know, are Pali sutras and a fond part of my memories of Thailand!

I’m waiting for my gym mats to arrive from Amazon, at which point I can start working on cardio, flexibility, and endurance; the plan is to start the basic routines from Scott Sonnon’s Flowfit I and II, gradually increasing the difficulty level over the next few weeks, and then blending in yiquan practice and more elements from my systema DVDs. I want to start work on a weapon form as well, just bit by bit, but I’m not sure which one yet.

Once I feel I’m in good shape again, I’ll review the routine.

Last night I went to a taijiquan class with Eli Montaigue, who teaches “Old Yang” style. I’ll go to a few more classes before I write anything much about this, but I enjoyed it and liked what I saw.

In theory, all my stuff will arrive from China later today – including my swords, deerhook knives, pan guan bi etc etc… I need to see where I can buy a sword rack…


  1. Good to hear you get going again.
    How can you ajust to the west again? Food? Weather?
    We have the great time of the year in southern Taiwan again, with 25°, blue skies and only 60% humidity.
    Still plan to hang out here, but in 5, 7 years, it will be time for me to retire in good old Europa and maybe teach a bit of what I have learned in my long time over here in Taiwan.


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