A new Asgarda article

I just discovered that the UK Telegraph (a mainstream broadsheet) ran an article about the Ukrainian Asgarda movement a couple of months ago. It’s very well-written, and adds a lot of new information to what we knew before. The author, Sally Howard, actually went to Ukraine, and spent some time with the women of Asgarda, getting to know them and their aspirations. Highly recommended.

Read the article here.

Gender relations in Ukraine are indubitably strained. Yet the existence of groups such as Femen and the Asgarda shows how far Ukrainian women have come in breaking free from the constraints of the Soviet regime, under which feminism was despised as ‘bourgeois ideology’.
Indeed, a few days spent with the happy, politicised and ambitious young women of the Asgarda made me wonder if British girls too wouldn’t benefit from such a regime. With many young British women aspiring to the Katie Price lifestyle, perhaps a movement that empowered girls to be martial artists, rather than sex objects, would be a useful antidote.
After a pathetic attempt to master a few scythe skills, I ask the Asgarda what they’d say to young women in Britain. ‘To believe in themselves,’ says Daria, ‘and that women are as strong as men.’
‘You are not just a housewife or a girlfriend or an object to look at,’ Katya adds, ‘you are a person and you can choose your own path.’

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