Classes resume

After a long period of terrible weather, followed by the holidays, things are getting started again.

Eli Montaigue’s bagua classes kicked off tonight. It’s the first time they’ve run in Swansea, so pretty much everyone was a beginner (I include myself, since it’s a different style to what I’ve trained before – though Cheng-influenced at the very least – and in any case it’s a long time since I worked on my bagua). It was a small group, with good people from what I’ve seen tonight.

Tomorrow, barring unexpected hitches, I’ll be off to Carmarthen to resume systema classes. Looking forward to that.

Last night, I did a few sets of kettlebell exercises, plus a few rounds of Flowfit.



    1. Yeah, I started just before Christmas.

      The alarming thing is that I started on comparatively light weights – 9kg at first, 12kg now. I find this really interesting, because as I mentioned a while ago, in Yiquan classes, during tuishou I could fairly easily hold off big blokes who were trying hard to move me around. The strength there was coming from the big ligaments and tendons. However, when I try to lift kettlebells (especially in an over-the-head military press), I have hardly any muscular strength!

      Of course, that clearly demonstrates the old point that if you want to be able to defend yourself when you’re older, you need to learn an internal style. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have some strength as well at this point 🙂 So, I’ll carry on until I can do my sets without too much discomfort, and then move on to 14kg… and onward, and onward… It’ll take a while, though!


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