Taiwanese sword maker

This clip was passed on to me by one of my MBA classmates.

The only accompanying text on YouTube is:

Once considered divine, the centuries-old Taiwanese craft of sword-making is dying. But one person is doing his best to keep the ancient tradition alive.

Anyone know anything more about it? A quick Google search turns up this:


  1. Well, I have been to Master Guo’s workshop and his private little museum on weaponry and aboriginal hunting knifes, down here in southern Taiwan.

    His steel is of really good quality, but as shown, his working with human bones has ignited lots of storys, of oweners being hunted by the blades’ ghosts etc. etc. (You know the superstitiuos Chinese/Taiwanes!)

    His fittings, scabbard and peripherial stuff comming with sword/sabres or other traditional Chinese weaponry are not to my liking, rather crued and not very sophisticated. Ordering a weapon for atleast 2000 US$ would want me to have also percet fittings, which I did not see.

    And of course, he is by far not the only left sword smith here in Taiwan. I personally know at least 4 more, who do even better works, but might be also more expensive. And then there are at least another handfull guys who went to Japan to re-learn lost traditions, then setting up shops in mainland China (Paul Chen is one of them). Their prices are lower, as working there is much cheaper, in all aspects.

    And such a love for weaponry can be addictive: I got around 15 good, real sharp cutting carbon stell blades, which I originally wanted to resell, but don’t want to give away now. So I need to clean alot, rub them warm every 3 months, oil them and nourish the blades, and cleaning takes even more time after cutting dry and fresh bamboo around my house.

    Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, phase metall, heavenly stem/earth brench Xinmao.


    1. Hi Yiming, sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. I was hoping that you might have a bit to tell us about this 🙂 I know what you mean about collecting swords; I still grieve for the sabres I had to leave in China… I agree, if I was paying that kind of money (which I haven’t so far) I would expect a pretty fanatical attention to detail! What kind of swords are the ones you bought?


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