Some random thoughts about qigong, yoga, systema and the stage

Right, time for a random stream of consciousness post….

A recent post from Another Neijia Blog caught my attention when it popped up in my RSS feeds because it was talking about kettlebells.

Following that link, I wandered on to another, older, post on how to popularize qigong, based on yoga’s success.

Well, qigong comes in many shapes and forms. As I thought about it, my mind was drawn to the Five Animals qigong set that I briefly studied at the China Culture Centre in Beijing. In particular, the deer:

Now, I’ve got to say: this was on my mind because I’d been reminded of it as I watched one of Meyerhold’s biomechanics études on YouTube:

Also, I recently bought a book/DVD aimed at actors, The Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD – which contains a few qigong techniques.

So, I suppose, a way to promote qigong to a wider market would be to focus on actors and the media – many of whom, of course, are trendsetters. The focus would be on ‘breath’, ‘voice’ and ‘flow’…

…much of which sounds like systema, of course….

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