The Eagle

I can’t remember what the last film release was that really interested me… Avatar? (Saw it twice, hehehe, once in Beijing, once in Singapore!). Bodyguards and Assassins? That was very cool. Alice in Wonderland was an abomination. Hmmm, I watched all of those with S., who I miss very badly indeed. We had a great Skype chat the other day, but a) it’s not the same as actually hanging out, and b) it just made me miss her even more! Well, these are the attachments that cause sadness; I guess here is the reality of Buddha’s teaching, that attachment causes suffering. All things change…

But anyway, back to films… I caught Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood on the plane back to the UK, and that’s so-so at best. Since then, nothing really…

Next month, though, will see the release of The Eagle of the Ninth, the film adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliff‘s novel. That was a big favourite of mine when I was a kid; in fact I still have a copy and can quite happily re-read it. I love all of herAquila‘ family sequence of novels, which spans the period from the early Roman occupation of Britain, through to the period of collapse, and the Age of Arthur… I’m still trying to find a reasonably-priced copy of ‘Frontier Wolf‘, which was always my favourite…

Anyway, here’s the trailer. It looks good, though the accents cause me a bit of a problem – the Romans spoke with British accents, don’t you know…. 😉 Hehehehe, anyway: one to look forward to…

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  1. Ooh – just found out that “Frontier Wolf” has been reissued while I was in China. Great! Copy on its way to me now from Amazon… Next month, I’ll pick up “The Lantern Bearers”, which is also superb…


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