Fitness for the riots

Over the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve often referred to Robert Twigger’s book, Angry White Pyjamas, as having been something of an inspiration. After Japan, Twigger moved back to the UK for a few years. For various reasons, he wound up deciding he couldn’t or wouldn’t live here any more, and moved with his family to… Egypt.

In his latest blog post, he notes: Always be fit enough to build a barricade. It sounds like they’re having a scary time – my best wishes go out to them.

I haven’t exercised this week – too tired, getting back home too late… I need to get back at it, before the riots spread here* and I need to build barricades of my own…

* This is only partly in jest. Rising fuel prices are leading to threats of demonstrations and direct action. The last time that happened, shelves emptied pretty quickly and, to be honest, we’re a more fragile society now than we were then…

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