Mind and body

Harking back to an old post: Dojo Rat pointed out a link to research showing that meditation causes genetic change.

More recently, I found an article about more recent research: practising mindfulness meditation for 8 weeks changes the physical structure of the brain.

The staff development unit where I work runs lunchtime meditation sessions once a week; after months of meaning to go and regularly forgetting, I finally remembered and got to it last week. Fairly well attended, with guidance from one of the development staff. The hour went past very quickly, and I managed to disperse the extreme stress I was feeling before I went. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it regularly – and to use that structure to build up my home sitting as well…

As I’ve just mentioned in a comment, I’ve put up Singapore and Chinese flags in my office window, so that half the room can’t be overlooked by passers-by; I plan to use some lunch breaks to work on yiquan combined with vipassana, which I’m rather looking forward to!

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