White clouds online

Going back a couple of years, I posted about trailers I’d seen for a documentary called Amongst White Clouds. It tied up with the books I’d been reading then by Red Pine, about Chinese hermits. Coincidentally, I’ve been re-reading his books recently, just as one of my old MBA fellow-students posted a link on Facebook to this site. Amongst White Clouds has been put online in segments. I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but hopefully I’ll get around to doing so soon. It reminds me of a post on ‘Hollow Men’ that I’ve been meaning to write for at least a year! Anyway, I have no idea what the copyright situation is with these clips, so I’d better hurry to watch them in case they get taken down!


  1. Bill Porter is wandering around China again, this time helping lead a Buddhist tour group. He’ll be meeting up with Jarek Szymanski at Tiantai for a few days this month, revisiting the haunts of Hanshan (whose poetry Bill translated). “Zen Baggage” is a great complement to “Road to Heaven,” if you haven’t read it yet.



    1. Cool! Whatever happened to Jarek? He seemed to just stop working on his site… Anyway, yes, I have both ‘Zen Baggage’ and ‘Cold Mountain’; I was had a chat about the former with Bill when I met him in Beijing. It was an all-to-brief meeting, as there was a line of people waiting to talk to him, but he really impressed me as a sincere and genuinely nice bloke. I couldn’t get him to promise to use hanyu pinyin in his next translation though…


  2. Jarek is very much alive and well, based in Shanghai but wandering all over China in the role of technical (esp. engineering) interpreter and tour guide, as well as in pursuit of his own interests. He still trains IMAs, but seems more engaged these days with traditional Chinese music (the guqin) and exploring Daoist and Ch’an Buddhist sites and practices.


    1. Hey Jarek, thanks for dropping by 🙂 I’ll definitely be in touch when I return to China, though I can’t say at the moment when that will be…


  3. And Emlyn, when you do connect with Jarek . . . the man knows his tea. Be sure to have a cup with him. I’m sipping some that he sent right now. :- )


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