Further yiquan resources

I’ve mentioned J.P. Lau’s PDF guide to yiquan a few times; it’s an excellent resource that I often refer to. He’s now added images, and made available as either a downloadable PDF or print-on-demand book at Lulu.

He’s also put together a basic yiquan training routine that looks very interesting; I’ll give it a go, as it’s not too dissimilar to what I’ve been working on lately.

I got quite a bit of training in over the weekend, and had glorious weather for it. Last night’s session was just amazing, with a golden full moon shining down as bats looped around overhead….

T.K. Lam also has some really good articles on his website, which I’ve been taking a look at. In particular, the following pieces discuss some of the elements I’ve recently been focussing on in my own practice:

I’ve decided not to go for the Anatomy and Physiology course run by Maria Mercati; it’s a little too soon, and clashes with work commitments. I’ll study the basics at home, and look for a course to take a qualification at a later date, perhaps next year.

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