Some thoughts on a skill set

These are some ideas that have been buzzing through my mind recently… To be changed/developed/abandoned as appropriate… Feedback welcome!

Element 1: meditation Meditation to calm and clear the mind is a fundamental first step. Body scanning to build awareness of physical sensations. Mindfulness.
Element 2: zhan zhuangBuild body awareness, correct posture and alignment. Strength and endurance. Addressing health issues and old energies.
Element 3: Voice training, public speaking, acting techniques. Better to avoid a fight through persuasion, psychology, use of correct tone. Defuse, rather than fight or flight. Six healing sounds. Leading eventually to use of kiai.
Element 4: shi li and stepping Increased body awareness. Mind-body unity in movement.
Element 5: tui na for everyday health issues Basic treatments for self and others.
Element 6: tui shou
Element 7: san shou

There are other things that could be included, but that’s a rough idea. Any comments? Does this sound like anything that’s already being used but I don’t know about?


    1. Yes… Good suggestion! Not one that can be taught in an office environment, though, which is the idea I’m playing with at the moment 🙂


  1. Element No. 8: post-sanshou drinking session, with proper hoppy ales imbibed to strengthen guangxi and to repair internal injuries (i.e., bruises to the ego) following a serious thrashing. 😉


    1. Oh, that one I can do! Although, taking the thrashing as part of a friendly exchange of skills, and not getting the ego involved, was something I Iearned pretty quickly at Master Yao’s wuguan….


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