Welcome, 2012

If anyone is still following this blog, season’s greetings to you, and best wishes for 2012!

However, as Alf – who studied Welsh with me so long ago – said this morning on Facebook:

Just a reminder, before anyone gets overly excited about that arrival of 2012, that we’re in the middle of year 5772 on the Jewish calendar, and year 7520 on the Byzantine calendar, and won’t get to the end of year 4709, 4708, or 4648 on the Chinese calendar (depending on which school of calculation you follow) until later in January. And on the good ol’ Julian calendar we’re not even up to Christmas (Dec. 25) yet. So for those celebrating, have a happy new year, but remember that in a sense the year is new every morning :).

Hopefully I’ll be a little more active in the new year.

Technical note: one reason for the long drought in posts was that a lot of comments mysteriously got deleted. I had hoped to find a way to restore them from a backup, and didn’t want to add more before that got done. I don’t think it’s going to happen, though, so I may as well start posting again!


  1. Yes, still checking your blog. Wondered what happened training-wise? Any new developements?
    Here in Taiwan, we are still waiting for the water dragon. So no celebrations yet, still 2 more weeks at university, before winter vacation, with trad. celebrations, intensive training, mostly withou my Chinese teachers/training partners and of course lots of translation work.
    Happy 2012!


  2. Thanks, Yiming. 2011 was a very tough year for me, for many reasons I don’t really want to go into here. One upshot was that my training stopped; I did almost nothing for the second half of the year. Coming into 2012, I’ll have a lot more free time and hopefully more energy – and I certainly want to get started again!


  3. Hi Emlyn,

    Happy 2012

    I did notice that a bunch of comments which I previously read disappeared. Hope you’ve resolved the problem… now I just have to attempt that maths problem ya? 🙂


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