Phew: I made it to the meditation group at work today. This is actually the first time I’ve been since… blimey… June? I always meant to go during the summer and autumn, but I was always just too damn tired. It was great: even after such a long break, I got back into it. I could feel myself getting warmer, and a bit sticky as my body started to detox – always a sign that the meditation is working. For a brief time, I got really deep in to it; the world vanished, thoughts were absent, and there was just the breath… Man, did I feel better afterwards!

Also back into the zhan zhuang these last few days. There’s always something new. One of my fellow-students on the tui na course had commented on part of my right foot being really stiff – and it was too, I just hadn’t noticed, and was unconsciously compensating with my posture. So, I’m working on that and, slowly, painfully, it’s stretching and opening up. The standing is generally going well, though the creaking of ligaments and popping of tendons (or is the other way round?) remind me of the ground I’ve lost. Not to worry, I’ll soon be back to where I was, and then onwards…

Might be an opportunity coming up to get back into acting; that’ll be good, I was really missing the creative flow of those improv workshops in Beijing. Couple of other things in the pipeline, too, but I won’t mention them in case I jinx them. Systema classes starting soon; that’ll be cool.

Wow, it’s like a logjam, isn’t it, sometimes? You need dynamite to clear the blockages but then discover there’s a lot of cool stuff waiting to flow down to you….


  1. Good to know you are back on track!
    Those breakes happened to me only too often, so nowadays, I try not to lay off more than 2,3 weeks.
    But what can we do? Just so much!
    Happe Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon, 任辰!
    A bit early, I know, but still!


  2. There is always time :-). It’s whether you need to have everything in place like must be outside in a quiet place, must has your training gear on etc. Most times you can practise in your bedroom, on the train, just before you go out. The training will give you an energy boost also. Your mind maybe lethargic but once your focus you see the tirdness is in your mind. Our bodies can do much more than we think hense why we call our form “little mind training”.


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