I’m currently on medical leave from work, which has given me some time to think.

I haven’t been posting here in some respects because I just haven’t had any time to go to my martial arts classes, or to muse on the topics that have made up this blog’s topics.

More importantly, though, I think it’s time to move on. Jianghu was driven by my experience as a Brit experiencing the martial and meditative culture of Asia, be it in Singapore or China. When I came back to Wales I expected that soon rather than later I would be going back to China, so it made sense to keep the blog going. It’s become clear, for various reasons, that I won’t be going back. The context in which I am thinking and want to write has also changed, and will increasingly be about life in the shadow of Peak Oil, and the ongoing slow collapse of the globalized economy.

As a result, I’ve decided to mothball this blog; the times have changed, and this isn’t any longer the right place to write.

I’m also planning to change my hosting company, so this blog may temporarily vanish. In the meantime, I’m going to use a free account for my new blog. Many of the topics of jianghu will continue to appear there, but in a different context. If you’re on of the regular readers of this blog, I’d like to invite you to register there; it’s a private blog for the time being: Celliwig. It’s still early days there, but at least new content is appearing! Later edit (July 2014): that blog didn’t work out; I decided to revive this one.

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry to leave a comment which is not actually is in the topic. I’m searching for a while for a way to contact Master Sun Ru Xian. You wrote some posts about your lessons with him. I was hopping you may could help me out and give me some contact details. If you agree to to it please send them to my e-mail address.

    Thank you


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