Bodyguards in demand in China

China is still very much the Wild East…. Beijing’s semi-official mouthpiece The Global Times has an interesting article about increasing demand amongst Chinese businessmen for bodyguards….

“[Western security firms] are good at firearms and we are good at kung fu,” said Shi. “We are as good as the caravan guards from ancient China that you read about in novels,” added Mou, proudly.

In the West, bodyguards in their 50s are still highly sought after because they are experienced and can use guns. But in China, combat skills and one’s wisdom are more important, said Shi. Shi only accepts students between 18 and 35.

Training overseas usually focuses on anti-terrorism and armed protection. But in China the training is more about defending and controlling an attacker, said Shi.

I’m interested to read that one of the companies featured has its base in Zhangjiakou – which I often passed through on my way to Qingbiankou. Perhaps if I ever make it back there, I’ll try to write about them!

Bodyguards and Assassins poster” by The poster art can or could be obtained from We DistributionsChina Film Group.. Licensed under <a href="//" title="Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Bodyguards and Assassins“>Fair use via Wikipedia.

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