Jianghu is dead. Long live Jianghu!

This blog now has a new home, and a new domain: jianghu.life

I’ve been self-hosting my blogs for years, but it’s become increasingly problematic. There’s no need to go into details as it’s all boringly technical, but suffice to say I’m no longer the technical boy I once was and I have more pressing calls on my time than messing about with why https isn’t working, etc.

So, this blog is now hosted with wordpress.com, allowing me to delegate all the geeky stuff to them.

Also, keeping the ‘jianghu’ bit as a sub-domain of burningpearl.com was becoming a pain in the rear, since I’ve never really used the main domain for anything. It made more sense to get a specific domain name, and jianghu.life seemed appropriate. I’ll be doing some tinkering with my DNS settings, so hopefully any links using jianghu.burningpearl.com addresses should still work.

Anyone using the old RSS feeds (if anybody is, I don’t actually think so) will need to add the new feed details.

New content is coming. Soon. Lots of it, I hope 🙂

Image credit: Death Valley by user Peretz Perensky on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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