Zongxun Wuguan Day Three

We were joined this morning by a couple of Chinese guys; late 20s to early thirties, maybe?

In this session, we worked on chopping techniques:

  • Sideways, rising upwards
  • Straight down the centre line, as if splitting a treed from crown to roots
  • On the centre line, but curving to strike at the base of the tree.

We went through these twice: the first time softly (shi li), the second with power (fa li).

My recent advances in opening up my lumbar region and hips (I’ll write about that in a future post) means that more than ever before I felt how the arms are led by the body. Not that I haven’t felt that before, you understand, but much more so now.


The afternoon class was much larger, with the same two Chinese men joining us plsu three others as well as the teenage woman from Monday. The basement isn’t large, but we all just about had enough space. I don’t think it could cope with any more people, though!

This time, we worked with testing force, small push-pull movements in six directions

  • Forward-backward
  • Expanding-closing
  • Upwards-downwards

This was followed by combining the six directions: moving randomly from one todirection to another. Next came whole-body force development, likewise exerting force in slow, small, deliberate movements, randomly in the six directions, but this time using the whole body to project the force rather than just the hands and arms.

We finished with an exercise pulling force backwards, downwards, and outwards, as when breaking an opponent’s balance and guard.


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