Zongxun Wuguan Day Four

So today happened. I’m exhausted! I can’t remember what we did, I’m so tired. I know we did stepping with turning, chopping, and pressing this afternoon. Good stuff.

I’m getting better with my posture; I’m working my kua more than ever before, better at sinking my weight than I have been before. It’s all good.

I do have a record of what we did; it’s all been noted by Master Yao on the same copy of the Zongcun Wuguan syllabus that he gave me in 2008.

I bought a copy of a book about yiquan and taikiken and yiquan. Looks interesting but haven’t looked at it in detail yet.

While I’ve been typing this, I’ve been sent this, taken by one of the Chinese lads at the end of the session. It looks like I’m walking forward; actually, I’m backing up, because I was talking to Master Yao out of shot when everyone lined up.


I learned a bit about the other lads. Thomas is a freelance philosopher, who also has a gig practising qigong with patients in a Berlin hospital. Ricardo is a designer, who also teaches chang quan to kids. He’s been practising yiquan since 1986; his older brother, since 1982. He lives in Mallorca, and was rhapsodising about the sun and white beaches. Pretty cool guys. I want to be that cool when I grow up.

OK, enough for today!

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